Leadership Development

Our Chapter offers girls the opportunities to engage in experiences that build essential skills, such as confidence, consensus and team building, event planning conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure in a kind, supportive environment.

Whether she is the President who calls the meeting to order or the class Inspiration who provides inspirational motivation at the beginning of each meeting, each young woman learns to become comfortable with leadership. In fact, our six-year plan ensures that our daughters gain exposure to various leadership opportunities.  Every year, the young women brainstorm, plan, and host events like “Father-Daughter” outings and age-appropriate programs like “High School Prep for 8th Graders” or “Healthy Study Habits.” These opportunities are whatever the young women can imagine!

In addition, the San Dieguito Chapter has created a “mentorship” program that enables our 11th Grade Ticktockers to meet with a mentor (Patroness) in their desired field of study to ask questions and learn more about that profession. This is a great opportunity for our daughters to gain knowledge in their proposed area of study.

Another program is “Lunch & Learn,”  in which both current and alumni Patronesses meet periodically and explore strengths and emerging opportunities in their own personal careers at various stages in life. Remaining connected, building on personal strengths and being supportive is a cornerstone of our Chapter.