About Our Chapter

The San Dieguito Chapter had its formation meeting in February, 1998 and opened membership to the 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th grade girls with their mothers.

Some of the founding officers included:  Peggy Ewing, Carole Comeau, Jeanine Everhart, Nancy Gordon, Sherry Dixon, Leslee Stauffer and Marsha Hester.

These women began many traditions that are still carried out today, including the Fashion Show and Senior Presents (now called Senior Recognition). These events encourage girls to work together, develop confidence and poise, and reflect on their philanthropic, cultural and leadership experiences. Other traditions that have emerged and continue to be popular include the Mother-Daughter Kick-Off Meeting, Ticktocker Day, Class Teas, and the Annual Chapter Awards Tea. Through the years, the collaboration of mothers and daughters has added many meaningful programs and memories.

Great teamwork has contributed to the history of our strong and close-knit Chapter.  The mothers and daughters work together to support and encourage each other to carry on the NCL, Inc. Mission.


We are proud of the following women for serving as President of the San Dieguito Chapter:

Carol Comeau (1998-2000)
Marsha Hester (2000-2001)
Terri Pontzious (2001-2002)
Teri Cavanaugh (2002-2003)
Kay Foltz (2003-2004)
Mary Rea (2004-2005)
Katie Sullivan (2005-2006)
Barbara Taylor (2006-2007)
Kathy Hoffmann-Grotting (2007-2008)
Sharron Derrough (2008-2009)
Suzanne Lichter  (2009-2010)
Nancy Gackstetter  (2010-2011)
Jane Rabun  (2011-2012)
Kimberly Cox (2012-2013)
Marcia Bryan (2013-2014)
Francine Corgan (2014-2015)
Michelle Alexander (2015-2017)
Amy Monteparte (2017-2018)